Flat products

Hot Rolled Coils and Sheets (Plates)

Hot rolled in the form of coil and plate is a type of steel product produced from hot rolling process. 

Hot rolled steel can be used for various purposes, from common or commercial quality to specific quality, such as steel framework structure, motor vehicle components and frameworks, piles, heavy equipment components, common fabrication, common pipes and tubes, pipes and tubes for pipe and casing line, gas tubes, weather corrosion proof steels, pressured containers, boilers, and ship constructions. 

Grades: JIS G3131 SPHC (tube manufacturing grade), SS400+B, A36, S235JR, S275JR and S355JR (pole manufacturing grade), pickled and oiled and Grade 50 

Thicknesses start typically from 1.0 mm and up to 16 mm for width 1000mm up to 1500 mm        

Thickness 3.0 mm and up to 20 mm for width 1525 mm up to 2000 mm (even 2500mm) 

Origin: Taiwan / West Europe/ CIS / China / India

Coil Wt: up to 30 tons ( Depending upon the mill’s standard)  

Hot Rolled Plates  

Grades: SS400B, S235JR, A36, S275JR, S355JR, Ship Building Grade, Boiler Grade (ASTM A516-Gr.70) 

Thickness typically from 4.0 mm to 150 mm in  size 4’ x 8’, 1500 x 6000, 2000 x 6000, 2000 x 12000 and cut to length sizes.

Hot rolled sheets follow same dimensions as the hot rolled coils. 

Origins: Europe / CIS / China/ India and Far East  

Cold Rolled Coils

Cold rolled coil known as 'white steel' is a type of steel product manufactured from the cold rolling process. 

These 'white steels' have significantly different types of characteristic compared to the 'black steels' or hot rolled coils. 

Cold rolled coils have better surface quality, thinner and with more precise size, and also have good mechanical property and excellent formability.   

Steel in this category is generally used in the formation process. this material has better formability, weldability, and roughness quality.

These white steels are also used for applications in the galvanizing (zinc-coating) and enamelware (porcelain-coating) industry, and are used as basic material for making tin millblackplate food cans in the food and beverage industry.   

We supply cold rolled coils for furniture industry, tubes, steel rims and profiles manufacturing industry in commercial, drawing and deep drawing grade as required by our customers.   

Grade:  as per JIS/BIS/ASTM or EN (SPCC, SPCD, DC01,ST12,ST13) 

Thickness:  0.10 mm to 2.50 mm  

Width:  914 mm to 1500 mm      

(Depending on mill’s standard)  

Coil Wt:up to 20 tons

Surface finish: super bright, bright, dull and matte  

Oiling: Heavy oiling, Light oiling or unoiled  

Galvanized Coils and Sheets

Hot dip galvanizing is the process of applying a zinc coating to Cold rolled steel strip by immersing the material in a bath consisting primarily of molten zinc. The simplicity of the galvanizing process is a distinct advantage over other methods of providing corrosion protection. 

Galvanizing forms a metallurgical bond between the zinc and the underlying steel , creating a barrier that is part of the metal itself. Galvanized steel is generally used in Roofing, Refrigerator door & body panels and manufacture of various parts Home appliances.    

AB Metals is exclusive agent of Al Ghurair Iron & Steel (www.agis.ae) for supply of GI Coils to Saudi Arabia. The grade AGIS usually supply is ASTM A 653 in lock forming quality, JIS G3302 SGCC, Structural Grade 50 in regular spangle, minimum spangle, skin passed and non-skinpassed, chromated, Chrome 6 and Chrome 3, unoiled/dry 

Size: thickness from 0.20 mm to 2.50 

width: 1000/1219 or 1250 and slit coils 

Zinc Coating: Z90 up to Z350 gm/m2   

We supply GI Sheets in width 1000/1219 and 1250 and length maximum 6000 mm along with cut to length.   

We supply higher thickness galvanized from 2.8mm and up in regular, mini and zero spangle coils from our overseas mills 

 (Europe , China, Taiwan, ... ) 

Prepainted Coils and Sheets

We offer high quality prepainted coils and sheets from several origins (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Europe and GCC). 

Please send us your inquiries to send you our best quote.

Aluzinc Coils and Sheets

We can offer Aluzinc coils and sheets from various origins.

Please send us your inquiries for a competitive quote. 

Applications : roofing, composite panels, tiles, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, ... 

Electrogalvanized Coils and Sheets

We can offer you electro galvanized coils and sheets from various origins. Please send us your inquiries for a competitive quote.

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