Long Products

Long Products

We supply long products: billets, wire rods, merchant bars, channels and beams  from West Europe, China and CIS as well as pipes and tubes from various origins. 

Our main supplier for channels and beams is Evraz www.evraz.com.

They offer UB/UC Beams from Russia as well as JIS beams.

From their mill in Ukraine (Petrovka) we can offer UPE and UPN channels as well as billets.


The freshly made steel, which is still in the form of a metal bar or rectangle, is called steel billet.

Continuous casting is used to manufacture uniform billets quickly and efficiently. Billets are processed into rebar, wire rod or coil in the rolling mills.  

Sizes: 100/120/130/140/150/180/200 

qualities: 3SP / 3SPPS / 5SP / 5 SPPS and similar grades to other norms and standards. 

We offer billets from China, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan, Brazil and Ukraine. 

Wire Rods

Wire rod is made of steel billet.  therefore wire rod is categorized as bar product.    

Wire rods are usually classified according to the content of the carbon, which are wire rods with low, medium, or high carbons. 

Low and medium wire rods have carbon content of less than 0.25%.  

This kind of steel is commonly used for wire, nails, wire mesh, and as basic material for welded fabrication (window or door lattices, fences, and bars).    

Dia 5.5 MM to 16 MM in rolls 


Low Carbon Grades :   


Medium Carbon Grades   


High Carbon :   

HC36/40, HC41/45, HC51/55, HC56/60, HC61/65...

Merchant Bars

We can offer following merchants :

Angles: from 25 x 25 to 250 x 250 

Unequal Angles: from 60 x 50 to 200 x 150 

Flat Bar: from 13 x 3 to 160 x 20 

Round Bar : from dia 6 to 150  

Square Bar : from 10 mm to 150 mm  

Profiles and Beams

Universal Beams:       

sizes from 127 x 76 x 13 to 1016 x 305 x 487 

Universal Columns:            

sizes from 152 x 152 x 23 to 356 x 406 x 634 Japanese beams: 

           sizes from 100 x 50 to 900 x 300 

UPN Channel:

Sizes from 40 to 400 


sizes from 100 to 1000 


size from 100 to 750 


size from 80 to 200 


size from W14 to W40  


We can offer round, rectangular, square and oval tubes in hot rolled and cold rolled exectutions.

We also have the possibility to offer galvanized pipes.

Please contact us with your detailed inquiries for pipes.